You come to therapy because something in your life is not working.  I will listen to your story and help you create space for new emotions experiences. Anxiety and depression can make you feel cut off and unappreciated. That changes in therapy.  Through compassionate understanding you gain insight  about  why you feel the way you do.   Feeling understood is the first step in change; then, how you feel about what is happening in your life can change. Together we can discover what is that you believe –from what you have been told or what you experienced–that keeps you in old patterns of anxiety and depression. Anxiety can be replaced with growing conviction of being in control. Depression lifts when you can get more authentically engaged in life.

I can help you find new possibilities that are within your grasp. There is not one drop of water’s difference between half empty and half full—with increased emotional freedom and emotional release, you can find ways to move ahead, and have more fulfillment in your life.

I started out studying early childhood growth and development.  I taught small children for years.  I hold the space for childhood feelings to come through in the later stages of life.  From personal experiences I was drawn to work with those in stages of death and dying.  I specialize in working through grief.  Some grief’s are obvious from the outside, like a  death in the family.  Some grief’s are hidden for a long time, but take an inner toll.  Everyone responds to grief in their own way; there are few guidelines along this path.   The loss of a companion animal is can lead to deep mourning.  There are other unacknowledged losses in life, hidden because of shame, or lack of understanding by others, or because it was outside the circle of ‘acceptable’ loss.   The goal of therapy is to find illumination in the dark times for a deeper personal understanding of your journey through life. The depth of your feelings is your personal power. Change is possible.


Treatment Approach and Orientation:

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)


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